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Vegan Lox

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

This one is so easy, and it's a great use of all those summer tomatoes and it's cheaper than smoked salmon! I'm not even a filthy vegan(TM), but this turned out so good!

Olive Oil

Smoked Salt (WildGoods Smoked Shroom Salt, for example)

--(Salt + Liquid Smoke does not count!)

Seaweed (I used Kombu, but you can use Nori or others)

That's it, that's really it. You'll also need a sharp knife and a little knife skill and some time.

The larger the tomatoes the better for working, but that will make a lot. I used just one big pinkish farmer's market 'mater and put the scraps in the dehydrator for making tomato

powder to reduce waste (or you can use your oven for dehydrating). You want to peel the tomato, taking as little "meat" with the skin as possible; that outer part is the most salmon-looking and easiest to work with and slice. You can

also use the parts between the sections of the seeds but it will get slippery there; you want to slice as thinly as possible for texture and to soak up the flavor.

Once you have your little slices, just cover them in olive oil and a generous amount of the salt and seaweed (I had leftover finely ground seaweed that was intended for a spice blend, but you can just flake up sheet Nori or chop a wet seaweed). And cover not like you're seasoning - COVER. I'd say I used about 3 Tbsp of each for one big tomato. Mix well, cover and refrigerate overnight. Some olive oils will solidify in the fridge, so you may need to make time to bring it up to room temp the next day.

If it's too salty day-of you can just dab off some of the oil before you plate. I used pumpernickel slices and storebought cashew cheese (which was a little sweet, so I'll be tweaking that in the future). You can add a small slice of cucumber and some kind of pickle for some balance.

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