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Growing up in Western North Carolina, I spent plenty of time in a kitchen, learning how to snap and can green beans and listening to stories of soap making, meat processing, spring houses, and other ancestral skills. I also spent a lot of time in the woods, learning plants and their uses. 

No matter where I've been since, I've always kept learning about food and its preparation, history, and meanings in different cultures. I've experimented, failed, and learned a lot about these skills and how they can translate to other parts of life. 

In short, there are a lot of things you can do in a kitchen - whether that's on an open porch with a propane burner or around a big granite island and the finest appliances. Whether it's planning your spring garden or making local foods or pouring wax into molds for candles, Wildkitchen wants to be the place that supplies the necessary items. That can mean supplies, inspiration, and even the education to do so. 

I'm so excited to partner with local artisans, experts and educators to bring you joy in your kitchen, whatever that may look like. 

Let's get Wild!

Self-Sufficiency is Resistance

These mountains have a history of being rebellious! From the Cherokee resisting Removal to hardscrabble immigrants resisting persecution to moonshiners resisting taxation, this area is a hotbed of fierce independence. So whether you want to reduce your dependence on foreign-made goods and internet billionaires, or work your way into a better situation and find a little freedom, our tagline can mean what you make of it. 

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