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Easy Meal Any Time - Fried Kimchi Rice

Like, this is my breakfast most days. Especially when I'm prepping for a ferment class and I have kimchi or kraut to use up, or if my gut needs a little love:

Butter (or vegan sub)

Kimchi or kraut (shredded ferment of just about any kind)

Leftover or pre-made rice (think Uncle Ben's pouch of white/jasmine, etc)

Eggs of some kind (I like soft-boiled) if you're into that


- hot sauce

- furikake seasoning

If you're going to soft-boil your egg, start that first*.

Melt butter in cast iron or other frying pan, add your kraut or kimchi (I make my kimchi in slivers so I re-chop mine before I add), and let it brown a little; check for that carmelize-y smell. Add in your rice and break it up, mix until the rice is warm.

I dish it up and then add a runny egg, but you do you, boo.

If I'm using kraut I add hot sauce.

I allllways add furikake for a little sweetness and superfood-ness (cause I use that Barnacle kelp furikake).

And remember to add a little cold kimchi or kraut or some other ferment cause you've likely cooked off some goodness from the first round. I add Fermenti's Szechuan Carrots.

* I hiiiiighly recommend an egg-cooker (and not just cause I sell 'em) - they're faster than boiling water, and its waaay harder to mess up and get your yolks too hard (or too runny if you're aiming for deviled eggs, etc).

You could absolutely make this the base for a big-ass fried rice with lots more veggies, btw.

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