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Step 4: Hurry Up and Wait!

Now that you have your goals and you're working towards them, you're going to feel:

- exhilarated

- frustrated

- free

- immobilized

- terrified

- anxious

- hopeful

- out of your comfort zone

- introspective

- defensive

Did I mention generally stressed out and restless?

You're going to have false starts. You're going to have things not work out. You'll bite off more than you can chew. You'll just not jive with some of your most important advisors. You'll be socially awkward, bud. Deadlines are going to change. You're going to realize things about yourself, your friends, your town. You're going to have a boatload of doubt. There will be so so many things to do.

In the end you'll discover whether you're really going to do this.

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