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Do the Damn Thing

Jump of the cliff. Quit your day job. Sell your house, pack your stuff, cash it in, put your money where your mouth is. Or better yet, someone else's money (get a loan!).


Leave the career you chose fifteen years (and a coupla college loans) ago. Take a 60% pay cut. Live apart from your wonderful, loving, supportive partner for most days of a whole year.

You're going to learn a lot. Fast.

I'm learning law, accounting, building maintenance, town government, interior design, self-promotion, self-awareness, marketing.

I find myself forgetting to stay excited throughout this process with so much to do! I'm also trying to remember this is the easy part - everyone has suggestions and excitement instead of criticisms and judgement.

I'm also trying not to only look ahead, or my neverending list of things to do, but also look back at the things that got me here - not just of my own, but the lives of several generations that all led here. It's pretty damn humbling. That and realizing I'm not really cut out to be a public figure, going so far as to look up my astrological birth chart for some help...

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love, Love, LOVE this so much!!!

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